The third age – a priority on the public agenda

Low income, discrimination, lack of active ageing opportunities, decent and adapted housing, health care services are just some of the problems third age people experience every day. It’s mandatory that third age become a priority on the public agenda. In this context, our project aims to increase the advocacy role of The National Federation Omenia of Pensioners’ Mutual Help House Associations in Romania, with 137 member associations and more than 1.400.000 individual pensioner members. The main object of the project is to build the capacity of the Federation’s leadership for efficient advocacy activities, increasing the level of information in advocacy process for member organizations, public authorities, and NGOs informed and invited to take part in debates concerning the pensioners’ mutual help house associations and the third age problems. At the end of the project, The Federation will develop an advocacy strategy, in a participative process, and an Advocacy and Management Center, with permanent activities in monitoring the advocacy agenda and organizing advocacy campaigns and events.

Our Partners:

The Research Institute for Quality of Life (RIQL) is one of the most prestigious social research institutes in Romania. RIQL is responsible to: elaborate advocacy training modules, interview and focus group guides, advocacy needs assessment questionnaires; organize focus groups; analyze data; create database together with the applicant; deliver trainings with the staff of the Federation; develop the advocacy strategy; attend events for promoting and disseminating the results of the project.

Opportunity Associates Romania (OAR) is a nonprofit organization with a vast activity in delivering trainings. As a project partner, (OAR) will be responsible to: elaborate training modules, deliver trainings for the staff of the Federation on utilizing the methodology for assessing the organizational capacity, attending events for promoting and disseminating the results of the project.

The project “The third Age –a priority on public agenda” is implemented by Omenia Pensioners’ Mutual Help House Association Bucharest between March 1st 2015 – April 30 2016.